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"If you are looking to get started and don't know where. BEGIN HERE. I started with these letters and began making cash within days that I could use to fuel my marketing plans. Joe's letters are the key to consistent marketing success. I had no money to come to Joe's Superconference. He gave me these letters, I got some exercise visiting the nice homes in my area that I could easily walk to and within 2 weeks I had my ticket and hotel paid in full. These letters are the beginning to your success... I followed Joe's advice and only filled in my info... I didn't change a WORD. Thanks Pirnaha for making this really E.L.F.!!! (Easy, Lucrative & Fun) " - Adam Dealan-de, Clean Freaks, Yelm, WA adam


"I attended the FREE seminar in Salt Lake City in June of 07'. At that time we had only been in business for about 6 months. We were charging 2 rooms with a hall for $69.95. When I came home from the seminar my wife Denise was going through the FREE package Joe Polish had given us and said 'let's try the 3 step letter.' Within a week we had already booked 5 new clients. By July we became Silver members. At that point in time we only had 58 clients. At the Super Conference we became Gold members. We will be P+ by the end of next year..... We have so much excitement about our business now. The 3 Step letter was the beginning of all we wanted and expected out of being business owners. Our first client mailing list was 58 letters and today we are sending out more than 350. This is because of the whole package Joe Polish presents. We continually send out the 3 step letters and the response is amazing. For every 30 houses around, our response is 3-5 return in new clients... it was Bridgepoint, out of Salt Lake, that introduced us to some guy named Joe Polish and Piranha Marketing.  At that seminar Joe Polish said try this 5 page letter... Without joining his marketing group we did just that.  We got a testimonial from a client and tried the 'letter.'  We passed out 10 around her house and received 5 NEW clients.  Well my husband and I are not the smartest cookies in the jar but we certainly have the most chocolate chips because of Piranha Marketing." - Joe & Denise Callaway, Callaway Carpet Cleaning, Elko, NV



"I sent out the letters to my clients who have not used us since 2004-2006.  The entire cost of the printing and mailing was $1200 and my return was $14,399.00  ROI 12:1 ...it brought us 69 total customers back into the fold and allowed us to show them what we are now doing better than when they previously used our services... I am working on repeating this program... Thanks for all your help and encouragement" - Jeff Poehlmann, Quality Clean Inc., Boothwyn, PA



"We have been using Joe's 3 Step/ Miss You letter for a few years now. Just in 2007 we spent under $400 in postage for mailing the 3 step letter. It has brought in sales of over $2500. That's about a 6 or 7 return on ivestment." -Billie & Bobby Brush, Healthy Home Cleaning Services, Chesapeake, VA



"We used the three step letter the first time... We doubled our sales the first month, and received a larger number of jobs with each letter. We use three parts for all of our marketing letters." -Pat & Leanne Kaldahl, Classic Carpet Cleaning, Olathe, KS


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